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 Dear customer,

Updated IC documentation and a new software release for the device iC-PVL (Linear/Off-Axis Battery-Buffered Hall Multiturn Encoder) are now available for download:


iC-PVL Data Sheet, Revision C3:

Noteworthy changes:
- Please refer to the document''s internal revision history.

Our deliveries are solely related to the relevant specification.


iC-PVL GUI, Version B1:

iC-PVL GUI, Version B1, including LabVIEW™ Run-Time Engine 2011:*

iC-PVL DLL, Version 2.0:

Noteworthy changes:
- Please refer to the software release notes

Release Notes GUI:
Release Notes DLL:

*iC-Haus GUI software, built with LabVIEW™, requires the installation of LabVIEW™ Run-Time Engine (RTE). The corresponding RTE version must be installed only once before using iC-Haus GUI software for the first time.


Software and its documentation is provided by iC-Haus GmbH or contributors "AS IS" and is subject to the ZVEI General Conditions for the Supply of Products and Services with iC-Haus amendments and the ZVEI Software clause with iC-Haus amendments (www.ichaus.de/EULA).


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